Connect groups

connect groups are groups based on hobbies or shared interests with the hope of building community with others

Please see our current connect groups below and sign up for as many as you'd like today!

Cooking with Chi Alpha

Online | Fridays at 6pm

Cooking with Chi Alpha is a combination of a LIVE cooking show hosted by James Wald & Alyssa Lee who both LOVE FOOD and a community that we are creating to learn and share information about cooking and baking, meal planning, nutrition, and more!

Game Nights

In Person | Bi-Weekly

We are a connect group where students can get together and have fun playing games while meeting new people!

The Thinking Series

(Bible Study)

Online | Thursdays at 8pm

Join us in going through a 5-part bible study called 'The Thinking Series' by Andy Steiger! It is based on his book 'Thinking?' and goes into the top five questions people are asking today, how they are connected, and how they explain the Gospel. Whether you are new or growing in your faith, this group is for you!

Movie Appreciation


Online | Wednesdays at 8pm

Do you love movies? Then this group is for you! Every week will all watch the same movie (on our own time) and come together to discuss that movie! We will talk about what we liked about it, didn't like, learn about why and how the movie was made, and talk about anything else related to the subject!

Craft Group



In Person | Once a Month on Fridays

Get together once a month to do some fun crafts, chat, jam to music & just have a good time!

The Great Outdoors

In Person | Weekends

Hello! If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors and staying active, then this is the group for you. We will have a focus on hiking with a handful of other fun activities mixed in. Everyone is welcome!

Mental Wellness




In Person | Tuesdays at 8pm

This all-women’s connect group is focused on creating space weekly to come together and talk honestly about our emotions and support each other towards mental wellness!

Prayer Meetings


Online | Wednesdays at Noon

If you are looking for a break in your week to pray for Chi Alpha and the needs of those in our community this is the group for you! We also take time each week to lift up one another in prayer! It’s always refreshing to take a break from our schedules and communicate with our Heavenly Father


In person | Varies

Our connect group is dedicated to bringing people together by playing sports! Depending on the weather, we meet outside to play various sports ranging from volleyball and ultimate frisbee to broomball and ice hockey. No previous sports experience is required. We love to show up and just have fun!

Adulting 101

(Life After College)


In Person | Monthly Saturdays at 10am

CALLING ALL SENIORS! With graduation approaching it's time to start getting excited for what is next. This connect group we will hangout and discuss everything from faith, friends, and finances after college. YOU WONT WANT TO MISS IT!

(New to Faith)

Online | TBD

Have questions about faith? About God? Try Alpha! Alpha is a video series that we will watch on our own time and gather weekly to discuss. We will cover topics like “Who is Jesus?” “Why did Jesus die on the cross?” “How do I know where I’m spending eternity?” Whether you are new to Christianity or have been following Jesus your whole life, this connect group will be LIFE CHANGING!

Volunteer Opportunities


In person | Varies

Be the first to hear about volunteer opportunities in our community! This connect group will be used to meet the needs of our surrounding community in whatever way we can!

Kingdom Justice



Online | Wednesdays at 5pm

The justice connect group will dive into God’s heart for justice and the marginalized. We will have conversations on racism, oppression, and injustice and how we as Christians do the work of justice.

Men's Discord

Game Night

Online | Varies

We jump on discord voice chat and play games. You can play whatever game you are into, just do it while hanging out on voice chat! FPS, Action Adventure, Platformer, RPG, Puzzle, etc. Have a fun time chilling out, chatting, and gaming together as guys!




In person | Bi-Weekly Thursdays at 8pm

The worship connect group will meet biweekly to gather in a time of worship and talk more about the significance of worship in the Bible and how it can be applied to our lives. Also, if you are interested in practicing songwriting we will also take time to write and create music together.