Connect groups

connect groups are groups based on hobbies or shared interests with the hope of building community with others

Please see our current connect groups below and sign up for as many as you'd like today!



Online | Every Other Thursday

This is a cooking/baking interest group! Every other week, we will do virtual “cook alongs” - cook/bake me while you watch! There will be lots of fun, laughs and special guests :)

Game Nights

In Person | Varies

Did someone say game night?! Come and have fun playing various board/card/role playing games. Some favorites of these are Scattergories, Euchre, mafia, salad bowl, and many more. Feel free to bring your favorite game to teach the rest of us as well!


A Discussion on Christianity and Relationships

Online | Thursdays at 8pm

Join us weekly for a teaching, discussion, and Q&A through John Mark Comer's book, Loveology! We will be discussing all things relationships like marriage, dating, sex, singleness, and more! No need to read the book to join in, but the book is highly recommended!

Movie Appreciation

Online | Wednesdays at 8:30pm

Do you love movies? Then this group is for you! Every week will all watch the same movie (on our own time) and come together to discuss that movie! We will talk about what we liked about it, didn't like, learn about why and how the movie was made, and talk about anything else related to the subject!


In person | Once a Month

If you love to worship, write, and play music this group is for you! We will learn about song writing and practice writing our own songs together. Every month we will have the chance to learn and share original music together and grow in our songwriting ability.


In person | First Saturday of the Month at 10am

A great way to meet new people while also finding unique stuff @ Dig & Save thrift store!! This group is led by Shelby (@shelbyydomagala) and Morgan (@__morganmonty__)!!! We’ll meet the first Saturday of every month at 10AM outside of Sellery Hall (Park and Dayton bus stop) and ride the bus together to Dig & Save! DM either Shelby or Morgan on Instagram if you have any questions! We can’t wait to meet you:-)

Craft Group

In Person | Varies

A great way to be creative and make new friends!! We'll get to know each other and learn a different craft each time we meet. Friendship bracelets, macrame, painting, coloring, and so much more. You do not need to be artistic to join! Please wear a mask and bring a blanket if you would like (we will be sitting in the grass)! I can't wait to meet you all :)

The Great Outdoors

In Person | Weekends

If you are looking to spend time outdoors with others who share a passion for the wilderness, then this is the group for you. The focus will be hiking with other outdoor activities mixed in. All are welcome.

Mental Wellness




In Person | Every Other Thursday at 7pm

Hello! The mental health connect group this year will be a place where we will foster a welcoming community to discuss mental health, support one another and learn about practices that support wellness.

Prayer Meetings

In person | Wednesdays at 2pm

If anyone is looking for prayer this will be the place to be! We will also focus on praying for different topics, chi alpha related or not. We may also practice different sorts of prayer, such as praying scripture or going through prayers in scripture. There is potential for each meeting to look different so come open to what the Spirit may have for us on any given week! 


In person | Varies

Looking to be active outside with friends? Join us for volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and/or spike ball while the weather is still nice!

NFL Watch Party



Hybrid | Sundays

We will be watching various NFL games at the same time! Primary focus will be on NFC North games and we will zoom together watch parties.

(New to Faith)

Online | Thursday's 5pm

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian Faith. Together we will look at a different question around faith and have a conversation. We will cover everything from who Jesus is, to why we read our bibles and go to church. If you are new to following Jesus, or just want to learn more about the why behind what we do, this group is for you!

Volunteer Opportunities


In person | Varies

We will be participating in different volunteer opportunities throughout the semester! This year we are partnering with a school and providing any services they may need. These include providing school supplies, tutoring students, or any other needs they may have. Join this group if you’d like to work any of these volunteer opportunities or help plan any of them!!



Online | Thursday at 6:30pm

This is a three-week connect group to engage and learn about the past and current racial injustices in the United States. With political and social unrest all around us, we will dive into what it means to fight for justice and why we fight for justice as followers of Christ. Each week you will receive resources (articles, podcast, movies) on systems of injustice and we will unpack those topics weekly and work together towards creating in all of us hearts for justice!

Men's Discord

Game Night

Online | Fridays at 8pm

We jump on discord voice chat and play games. You can play whatever game you are into, just do it while hanging out on voice chat! FPS, Action Adventure, Platformer, RPG, Puzzle, etc. Have a fun time chilling out, chatting, and gaming together as guys!



In person | Tuesday at 7pm

Looking to grow as a worship leader and spend some time in worship as a community!? Then this is the group for you!! This time will be spent developing you as worship leaders, with the purpose of giving you the skills and confidence to lead people into intimate moments with the Lord. The other part of our time together will be spent looking into what the Bible has to say about worship and how this impacts us as worshipers. I can’t wait to grow alongside you all as worshipers of Jesus!!!