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Hello!! I’m James, and I am a junior at UW-Madison! I’m double majoring in biology and economics, and I hope to go to medical school or PA school after I graduate! Outside of class, I love playing volleyball, disc golfing and watching 2000s teen dramas!! I’m excited to meet you all!



hi everyone! my name is taryn & i’m a junior majoring in social welfare (with an emphasis in psychology) and am getting a certificate in education — long story short i want to be a high school counselor! i’m obsessed with true crime podcasts AND coffee… i can’t make it through a day unless i’ve had both. i look forward to meeting you & growing with you! i know it’s going to be an amazing year, xoxo


Kenzie, & Rachel

Hey! I’m Kenzie Petranek and I am a senior at UW-Madison studying Nursing! I decided to lead a small group this year after it being out strongly on my heart from God! Our small group will be a very welcoming, comforting, and fun setting dedicated to getting to know our members and helping them build their relationship with Jesus! I’d love to help new students or even current students with school struggles, promoting mental health, or even just being a friend they can count on! Lastly, fun fact I love most music genres and I love to cook/bake so if you join my group - be prepared for weekly goodies :) .

Hi! I’m Rachel and I’m a senior majoring in Personal Finance. That said, this past year I decided I was super passionate about Ministry & I can’t wait to pursue this dream. I also have a 5 month old kitten named Finley that is super excited to meet you & so am I!!


Aaron & Nate

Hi everyone! I’m Aaron and I just started my third year at UW-Madison. Right now, I’m majoring in Music-Voice Performance in the Honors program. In my spare time, I enjoy walks in the city, biking around the lakes, and listening to Bible podcasts.

I'm Nate Lee and I am on staff with Chi Alpha! I have been working with Chi Alpha for thr last 10 years and found my wife in Chi Alpha! I have 2 young kids (Taylor 2, Jaxon 11 weeks). I love doing things outdoors, biking, hiking, fishing, disc golf and lots of other things! Our small group will be full of home baked goodies as Alyssa likes to bake!



Hey guys! My name is Megan, I’m a senior at UW-Madison majoring in rehabilitation psychology and planning on going to PT school after undergrad. Two of my favorite things are grabbing coffee on my way to class and playing volleyball with friends!


Nathan & Wesley

HI! My name is nathan and i am going into my third year of being on staff with chi alpha madison! i went to school for ministry and have been working in various ministry positions ever since. I have been married for 5 years and we are expecting our first child this coming december. i enjoy playing music, watching movies, and making low quality tik toks. you can catch me playing volleyball in the summer and hockey in the winter. can't wait to hang out!

Hello everyone! My name is Wesley and I am going to be a senior this upcoming school year and am so excited to be leading a small group this year. My major is Life Sciences Communications and am doing the Environmental Studies Certificate. I love playing recreational sports with my favorite being basketball and watching sports as well with friends. My favorite sport to watch is football!


Alyssa & Princess

Hello! My name is Alyssa and I'm a senior here at UW! I'm majoring in Nutrition with a certificate in Global Health, and hope to go to PA school after I graduate. I just transferred to UW last year, so if you are new to Madison-- I'm still exploring too so let's go! I loveee thrifting and coffee! An boba! I'm so excited to open up our place to meet you all! :))


Hiii!! I'm Princess and I am a senior studying Music - Voice Performance at Madison. Some things to know about me: I love going to the gym, watching a good TV show (like Survivor), and hanging out with friends––of course! I hope to see you at XA and can't wait to meet you soon :)


Chez & Victoria

Hi hi!! I’m Chez and I’m a junior this year double majoring in Human Resource Management and Psychology! I’m always up for grabbing ice cream at the Union or playing sand volleyball!

Hi!! My name is Victoria and I am a sophomore double majoring in political science and sociology hoping to go to law school. In my free time, I love to go on long runs, rewatch the Harry Potter/twilight series and read!! Can’t wait to meet you guys!!



My name is Alyssa Goodyear and I am a junior at UW Madison majoring in biology with certificates in studio art, integrated STEAM, and leadership on a pre vet track! I am the worship intern with Chi Alpha and so excited to lead a small group this year. I love working with animals, singing, sad music, and oversized sweatshirts. I look forward to meeting y’all.

edgewood college


Abbie & Anneka

I’m on staff with Chi Alpha and LOVE Madison! I love to be creative and explore the city. Especially all the coffee shops and lake views. Small groups are one of my favorite parts of Chi Alpha and I cannot wait to get started on building community this year.

Hi! My name is Anneka and I am a junior at Edgewood College studying nursing with a minor in nutrition, as well as being a third year cadet in Air Force ROTC at UW Madison. I love music, staying active, cooking, and adventuring in the great outdoors. This is my second year leading with Chi Alpha and I'm so excited for another AMAZING year!


Alyssa & Gaven

Hello everyone! My name is Alyssa Ratze. I grew up here in the Madison Area and am currently doing online school as a sophomore at Madison College for Dental Hygiene. I have been a barista at Yola’s Cafe for basically my whole life because my parents own it! Fun fact….we have the best waffles in Wisco! So, go check us out! I love thrifting, dogs (specifically wiener dogs), my family, learning new things, crafts, and teeth! Lastly, if you ever are wondering where I am at, I am most likely always at a coffee shop or a store because, you know, spending money is my hobby.


Hello! I’m Gaven, I graduated last year with a degree in Math and I am now on staff with Chi Alpha! Some things about me are that I love music (mostly rap/ R&B) and I ride or die with the Bucks and the Packers.